Ingredients Features

Ingredients Features / 05.12.2019

There’s a special surprise in your order: every skin-loving treat plants one tree! 🌳Deforestation is a huge issue that impacts millions worldwide. Trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide a home for numerous biodiverse species. They provide jobs to...

Ingredients Features / 03.04.2019

We are firm in protecting the rights of both humans and animals. Our products are sourced from the highest standards of fair-trade and working conditions, and we never test on animals. We have signed a statement of assurance verifying that we do not conduct, commission, or...

Ingredients Features / 03.04.2019

All our products are free from petroleum-based ingredients, silicones, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde-releasers, phthalates, propylene, dyes, and fillers. We're committed to nourishing your skin with the beautiful brilliance of nature and modern, skin-honoring innovation. By the same token, not all "natural" ingredients are safe. Each formula is...

Ingredients Features / 03.04.2019

Each product is carefully hand-crafted in small batches with love and care—start to finish in Southern California. Our formulation process occurs by Dr. Sebaa in an FDA registered facility—a step beyond normal cosmetic requirements in the US. Each formula is stability and microbial tested on multiple planes...

Ingredients Features / 03.04.2019

We are committed to providing high-quality ingredients that are safe and effective. Every ingredient has a purpose. We research our ingredient suppliers diligently to assure each ingredient meets our high standards of purity, quality, and freshness. We don't take this process lightly: we wait months to...

Ingredients Features / 02.04.2019

Skincare you can trust. Our formulas are never diluted with fillers or additional ingredients that don't serve your skin. Dr. Sebaa brings her formulation design training from traditional herbal medicine to ensure that each component is irreplaceable. In Dr. Sebaa's ELIXIR, botanical extracts, cold-pressed oils, and...

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