Dr. Sebaa’s [Skincare] Story



My journey into skincare began the way many do: with a trip to the dermatologist.


I grew up fast as a teen. The sweetness of childhood faded into memory as life got serious, and I accelerated to keep up with it. Between my father’s stroke and graduating high school early to pursue medicine, I lived under constant stress. My skin, as it does, revealed my body’s inner workings, and I struggled to deal with painful cystic acne and inflammation.


Finally, I went to the dermatologist. She offered me Accutane and birth control.


I was caught off guard. I wanted a solution for my skin’s struggles—but not if it was going to come with a mile-long list of side effects. Unsettled, I asked, “Is there anything else I can do?”


“No,” she said without a second thought, “this will take care of it.” And off she went, leaving me with two signed and dated RX papers in hand.


I never filled those prescriptions. I knew in my gut there had to be other ways.



A Personal Inspiration


Around the same time, I noticed that my father’s skin was suffering at his healthcare facility. He’d always had very delicate, sensitive skin, and the healthcare facility’s basic cheap, creams didn’t seem to do a thing—and, if anything, may have actually caused harm. Every time I visited, his skin was dry and irritated. He was sorely in need of healing, and the facility couldn’t offer it to him.


I knew there was a better way.


From childhood I’d been fascinated by the healing properties of herbs and natural ingredients. Nature provides many paths to healing—could I harness that power for myself and my loved ones?


Using fresh, natural ingredients full of skin-loving properties, I started formulating my own creams and serums—some for my father, some for myself. And eventually some for friends who would request this upon seeing how my skin was clearing up.


The results worked wonders.


My friends marveled at my skin—how clear, healthy, and supple it was, how there was barely a trace of acne. They wanted to know what I’d done.


Soon, I started formulating creams just for them, too. My love for nature’s healing could only grow.



From Need to Luxury: Birth of ELIXIR


My career took me through an exploration of therapeutic modalities that stretched beyond the norms for allopathic medicine. Where allopathic medical treatments tend to attack the body’s problems to overcome them, I wanted to strive for a type of medicine that heals, strengthens, and touches the individual on a level beyond just the physical. My understanding of medicine and healing grew, through realms ranging from functional and oriental medicine to cosmetic chemistry and more. This path led me to my practice today, and I still cherish every step.


As my practice developed, though, I remembered too well the healing power of those stunning natural ingredients I’d once combined to solve my own skin struggles. But my needs today were different: as a busy mother, I wanted to simplify my skincare routine by using products that could do and be more for my skin. I wanted powerful products that could multitask, combining the beauty of botanical intelligence and contemporary dermatology to truly treat the skin. My clients and students wanted that, too.


Now armed with years of training and formulation, I knew that if I paired those same nourishing herbs with the latest, health-oriented scientific approaches to product formulation, I could make them more effective than ever.


Thus ELIXIR was born.


In my daily practice, I have a front-row seat to the range of health issues and insecurities that plague women today. So often women come to me seeking bodily healing and rejuvenation—a return to healthfulness on a level that satisfies both body and spirit. The beauty industry too often makes women turn to solutions for their skin from a place of shame, rather than healing and self-love. When the women I treat began requesting their own skin-nourishing formulas, I saw a chance to create skincare that truly cares.



Our Mission


Health is outside-in and inside-out, and so the transition into skincare seemed a natural evolution. So much of the beauty and skincare industry feeds on negativity, with harsh, unnatural ingredients that don’t serve the skin. On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find greenwashing—products that claim to be packed with potent herbs and natural remedies for the sake of marketing, but don’t deliver on their promises of healing. This misrepresentation, too, disrespects both the skin and the earth.


I believe things should be different.


This skincare represents years of effort, meticulous sourcing, and a deep love for all who use it. I’m so pleased to be able to share it with you, and I hope you’ll enjoy luxuriating in every drop of nourishing, skin-respecting product.


With care,

Aïcha Sebaa


Founder + Formulator

Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. 



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