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“Drop by drop, delight and defend your skin. Massage this extraordinarily smooth serum into your freshly cleansed, slightly wet skin, and experience just how quickly ELIXIR will become the best part of your skincare routine.” – Dr. Aïcha Sebaa, Founder x Formulator

the best of both worlds

ELIXIR is a potent, multi-functional complexion-correcting lipid serum full of carefully curated ingredients that bring forth your skin’s natural luminosity.


Dr. Sebaa spent years refining her formulas and the results continue to deliver. As a busy mother and clinician, she wanted to simplify her skincare regimen and harness the beauty of botanical intelligence with contemporary dermatology. And she wasn’t the only one—her clients and students wanted it, too. So she set out to create superior, skin-loving skincare that Mother Nature could stand by.


After experimenting with a slew of ingredients and formulas, ELIXIR came alive in carefully crafted seasonal iterations. She used this formula as a companion to rejuvenating facial gua sha massage and as a standalone beauty potion. It quickly became essential to her and all those who got a hold of a fresh bottle. Now, you too can claim this as a gift to your skin.

Biophotonic protection

Ensuring the freshness, permeability, stability, and synergy of all the ingredients remains key when designing any formula. To further support this, Dr. Sebaa’s skincare products are housed in biophotonic dark violet glass.


Once used by ancient Egyptians as a preservation vessel, this unique glass adds additional UV protection and extends the shelf-life of the already fresh ingredients. Now, this is extended to you as a way to provide additional care for your skin treats.

what’s inside?

This unique formula is a powerhouse of antioxidants including premium stable vitamin C ester, co-enzyme Q10, plant-derived collagen-boosting amino acid DPHP, and skin-healing bisabolol from chamomile that enhances the delivery of essential nutrients into deeper layers of your skin.

Supercritical fluid extractions and slow solar infusions of nutritive nigella sativa, calendula, pomegranate, schisandra berry, and timeless frankincense are laced in carefully selected cold-pressed oils to balance, nourish, renew, and brighten your complexion.

Patented date seed, kino tree bark, and elderberry extracts condition and smooth the skin while increasing your robust skin barrier’s natural defense mechanisms against indoor and outdoor pollution.

Notes of aromatherapy add a touch of indulgence and will bring ease to your mind without compromising the skin—neroli and rose too have skin-loving elements. Nothing short of the best swims in this carefully crafted formulation. It’s truly a multi-functional and multi-correctional essential in your skincare regimen.


The sum is truly greater than its parts.

Artisanal Batches from California

Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. holds true to traditional herbal medicine and is handcrafted in small batches in Southern California. Every single product is cared for and treated as a gift—from curating to mixing and filling to shipping. The result is something totally unique and meant just for you (and those whom you extend to.)


As nature craves change herself, so too do our formulas. A compliment to the seasons and peak bio-availability of ingredients, each iteration of ELIXIR is carefully crafted. Despite the variations in seasonal batches, the effect and potency remain the same. Embrace this. Consider it nature’s signature. And know that what you hold, in this moment, is perfectly yours.


How do i integrate elixir in my skincare routine?

ELIXIR blends beautifully in any skincare routine. As a facial oil serum, ELIXIR is a nourishing moisturizer and antioxidant serum in one. Simply cleanse, apply a toner/essence if desired, and massage ELIXIR into your skin. Alternatively, add a few drops of ELIXIR into your daily moisturizer for an added boost or your makeup for a fine dewy finish. ELIXIR may also be patted on areas of the skin that require more care. ELIXIR is also suitable as a part of your GUA SHA FACIAL MASSAGE routine to add more slip and assist your smooth supple skin tone. ELIXR can be used day (before sunscreen) and night (alone or before heavier creams/balms).

RETINOL NOTE: If you’re newly using a retinol product, skip ELIXIR on the nights you’re using retinol as ELIXIR is high in vitamin C, which may not be a suitable mix for some. Consult your dermatologist regarding your individual skin’s needs and tolerances.

ELIXIR is a wonderful treatment for the morning after your retinol use and on nights you’re not using retinol.

Is elixir good for my skin type?

ELIXIR is designed to support your skin’s vital lipid barrier and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, acne-prone, maturing, and combination skin.

Will elixir clog my pores?

As a perfectly oil soluble formulation that absorbs harmoniously in the skin, ELIXIR will not clog your pores. ELIXIR is a carefully crafted formula with soothing and penetration enhancing ingredients that ensure your skin enjoys the full goodness of every drop. The ingredients used are low on the comedogenicity scale with low surface tension. Your skin will find ELIXIR to be quite the treat and will happily soak it up.

Is elixir good for acne prone skin?

While there are numerous skin conditions with a plethora of causes, here’s what we can say: the ingredients are superb and incorporate botanicals that are exceptional at mending the skin’s woes. Specific to acne, our linoleic rich fatty acid matrix laced with black cumin seed, prickly pear, elderberry, and schisandra work in synergy to combat common acne among other skin healing benefits. Dr. Sebaa also shares internal issues worth assessing for acne. Follow us to learn more about how to beautify your skin inside-out and outside-in @drsebaa and @drsebaaskin.

Is elixir safe during pregnancy or nursing?

We love Mamas! Dr. Sebaa developed her formulas with pregnancy and nursing in mind and used ELIXIR (along with a few others we’re excited to share in the future ;)) during her pregnancy and nursing days. As always, do consult your doctor about integrating a new product you have questions about.

When will i see results?

Results simply get better with time. Immediate smoothness will be noted as you provide your skin with a wonderful dose of nourishment. ELIXIR is considered preventative medicine for your skin as it acts on multiple planes—protecting your skin from the damaging effects of pollution and weather extremes to nourishing your skin’s barrier so that it can be at its healthiest. Stable collagen-boosting vitamin C also assists with collagen production so that you can retain your plumpness longer, and the synergy of other ingredients help bring forth your healthiest skin. Some notice results right away while others see the benefits with time. It all depends on what you’re looking for but we hope you enjoy every drop of this skin loving-treasure as much as we do!

How long will elixir last me?

There are about 200 pumps in every 30ml bottle—about 2-seasonal of use, depending on how much you use daily. We’ve been hearing that one bottle lasts surprisingly long given how beautifully potent and easy to spread it is. We hope you enjoy every bit and come back for more skin goodness.

What is the shelf life for elixir?

Once opened, the optimal shelf life of ELIXIR is 9 months. While 3rd party submissions for laboratory studies reveal an 18-month shelf-life, this product is most potent when fresh—try to use within 9 months of opening. Please keep away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. No need to refrigerate.

Do you use fragrances?

We do not use any artificial fragrances in our products. The aroma you smell is a waltz of premium ingredients along with supercritical and hydro-distilled oils that are not only beneficial to the skin but calming to the mind. The resulting scent is one that imparts benefits to the whole—mind, body, and soul. Breathe deep. Exhale slow. Enjoy every facet of this botanically intelligent formula.

What does it mean that there are “layers of solutions” in your formulas?

As an classically trained herbalist, Dr. Sebaa’s formulas are developed with a systematic approach that considers the individual benefits of an herb and how it works (or doesn’t) with others. Dr. Sebaa brings this depth of herbal materia medica knowledge into every formulation. Some ingredients are “Chiefs”, bringing the primary benefits. Others are “Deputies” or “Assistants” which aid the main functions, bring secondary functions, and/or mitigate the effects of potent Chief herbs. “Guiding” ingredients serve to ensure that the ingredients are directed to where they need to go while “Harmonizing” ingredients loop the formula into one inseparable entity, which work together to bring the best to your ever-healing skin. This may seem like a foreign concept in a time where ingredients are simply studded into a formula for the singular benefits along with a buzzword ridden industry, however, this is indeed the ancient and time-proven way of constructing reliable sub-groups of the whole.

We provide a LAYERS OF SOLUTIONS sheet to every ELIXIR Owner upon purchase to accompany their ELIXIR bottle.

How can i stay in touch? Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, please do stay in touch! Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page or click here . You’ll also get a free downloadable gift of morning rituals to incorporate to help your skin glow all day. Follow along on Instagram on @drsebaaskin to learn more about exciting upcoming releases. Dr. Sebaa will be launching a very special project soon of uniquely bespoke formulas. See you in your inbox  and on social!

I have more questions. Take me to the FAQ page.

We’re here to help and update our FAQ page (here) with more questions as they come.

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Dr. Sebaa’s Elixir – Facial Oil Serum


$228.00 Out of stock

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