These are the tenets on which Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. | BEAUTY THAT HEALS™ stands. Please read each section to learn more. It’s long but thought out and for anyone who likes to dive in a little more. It’s really what sets us apart. I hope you’ll find a breath of fresh air here.

With care,

Aïcha Sebaa

A minimalist approach to maximum healing.

Do more with less

Dreams in creams diluted. Sensorial ingredients that feel good at first, but fail to live up to the hype. Serums that highlight a rare botanical buried at the end of the ingredients list. Greenwashing. Trend exhaustion. It’s all too common. (Note: None of these are complete sentences, akin to the incompleteness of what they speak of.)


Tongue-in-cheek humor aside, there truly is a problem with the beauty industry as we know it. It’s easy to fall into being a “beauty junkie” in a world with endless lotions and potions—some good, some filled with empty promises. Your cabinet overflows with products that address problems you didn’t even know were problems. It’s an endless chase for perfection, and one that leaves us feeling like we’re never truly enough.


But you’re looking for something different.

You’re not buying into 10-step beauty routines. You’re done trying to decode the ingredients list, full of fillers, potentially harmful ingredients, and fairy-dust. You’re looking to simplify but seek true effective potency. You want what you buy to work and are tired of a beauty drawer that doesn’t deliver. You want your skincare to be as ambitious as you are. We get you.


You see things differently. So do we.




You deserve a luxury like no other: quality, impeccably-designed skincare that harnesses the power of nature through modern advances. Botanical wisdom meets skin-honoring technology here. You want both. You deserve both. 

We do things differently here. 


Ours is luxury that heals. It’s elegant, well-designed formulas that truly work with your skin, feeding it with the cutting-edge take on natural botanical wisdom you crave.


Months (if not years) of research and tireless iterations go into every product we release. We use maximum effective dosages in chief ingredients and traditional herbal wisdom to construct truly unique formulas. We’re not interested in adding sameness to an already saturated market. This is something new.


Each formula is a multi-tasker. With advanced skincare technologies, traditional natural medicine and sustainability in mind, we select and source ingredients that tackle an array of skin concerns, including lackluster skin, fine lines, blemishes, redness, uneven skin tone, and dryness. Our formulas feed and strengthen your skin. This is beauty that heals (our motto) with an undercurrent of preventative medicine for your skin.




Consider this “the little black bottle of skincare.” Bold? Yes, and rightfully so. Much more than a typical facial oil, this featherweight silky formula is an exquisite marriage of botanical wisdom and modern science. It’s designed to support your lipid barrier by protecting it from everyday pollutants while feeding your skin all the goodness it deserves. Massage solo onto freshly cleansed-skin or add a few drops to your moisturizer to give your concoction a boost. This antioxidant-rich, nutritious, and uplifting serum will never fail you. And your skin will thank you with each application. Learn more here.


Skincare for all ages and phases

Skip the ‘skin-type’ hype. Your skin is dynamic, changing depending on the elements and your internal state. When using carefully crafted skincare formulas drawn from botanical wisdom, your skin will know how to make best use of every drop. Each formula we create is beneficial for the skin’s overall health, period.


From the sun-loving 20 year old with problematic transitional skin that breaks out easily to the 35 year old who’s worried about new fine lines and dark spots, or 40 year old who’s losing her youthful glow and, the 55 year old who’s embracing her lines from living/smiling but wishes for a more plump look—the ingredients selected are meant to simply heal your skin. And when healing occurs, beauty is an inevitable and welcomed result.


Whoever you are, this is skincare meant for you.


This is a brand for women and men of all ages who want to simplify their routines with a product that targets many issues over time. Nature’s intelligent design works with your incredible skin chemistry to bring forth the best in you. Your skin reflects how you treat it. Offer it the best—inside-out and outside-in.



Skincare that cares

Returning to gems of traditional wisdom laced in modern efficacy might seem revolutionary in this fast-paced world. To reframe your own story and find what resonates from within releases you of the standard beauty practices that plague the planet, our bodies, and our minds.


If you landed on this page and have read up to this point, this much can be delightfully figured about you: you’re an uncompromising individual seeking natural, effective skincare that doesn’t sacrifice purity or performance. You have a respect for the healing potential of herbs, you’re concerned about the planet, and you’re fed up with flashy beauty claims that don’t deliver on quality and harp on insecurities. You may be skeptical but still radiate curiosity.


Beauty that heals is our motto. Because true beauty is that which ripples healing from the Earth’s crust to your skin while thanking Mother Nature right back. Beauty honors something deep inside that connects us all as citizens of this world. Embrace your healing potential within and towards our planet.

Every step of the process—from ingredient sourcing to micro-batched formulations to the dark violet glass bottles that protect each nectar—is intended to bring you potent therapeutic rituals that tread lightly on our planet. Nothing sits on the shelves for ages (as is industry standard nowadays). Our products come to you fresh and ready to enliven your skin. Let us delight you.


As an additional promise to love the Earth, we have partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on planting trees around the world. For every order placed, 1 tree will be planted. You’re not only nourishing your skin but also reforesting our planet every time you order from us. Thank you.


Bridging the best of two worlds

A rose’s soft petals, the velvet texture of a calendula stem, the buttery residue of marula’s grip, the layers of luminous pearls’ mineral treasures, the unfolding aroma of passiflora, and the ever-increasing discoveries of nigella sativa ~ these are just a few examples of the things that keep us coming back to learn more about what grows on Earth’s terrain.


By the same token, modern science continues to press the boundaries of what’s possible. Potent extracts and curations concentrate the effects of tried-and-true ingredients discovered over time. Call this reductionist and it may very well be but the dance of holism with the dips-and-peaks of discovery make way for beautiful things. This too is synergy. Blend these worlds together—ancient wisdom and modern science—and you’re orchestrating a true skin symphony.


Dr. Sebaa brings her background in both formula design from classical herbalism and modern bioscience along with a lifelong passion in the healing potential within nature to the construction of each unique product. These are truly one of a kind formulas constructed from the ground up in our lab. Every step of the process is observed and diligently cared for, from start to finish. These aren’t private label products with profit as the primary driver. We operate on another level. We believe beauty should step up, and offer true healing. We do things differently here, and we can’t wait for you to experience true beauty that heals.


Costly to make but your skin is worth it ~

Your skin deserves the best. At Dr. Sebaa Skin Co., we’re uncompromising about quality, safety, and effectiveness—and that means most of our products aren’t cheap. Our dedication to integrity throughout every step of the process yields an undeniable cost higher than you’d find at your local drugstore. From our seasonal, sustainably-sourced botanicals to our artisanal manufacturing, micro-batch formulating, and relentless R&D, the costs add up.


If you’re looking for an investment for your skin, this cost likely won’t be an issue. One may realize that spending more on one quality product is better than spending on multiple sub-par products. Quality and deep care makes all the difference. The underpinning emphasis of each product is indeed prevention. The results of this alone are difficult to measure but something you’ll benefit from for years ahead. Just as choosing organic and healthier food choices may amount to more now, you know you’ll be saving in the long haul with better health and overall quality of life.


But we know that life happens. Our products may not be attainable initially for those with a limited budget. For this reason, Dr. Sebaa provides some DIY recipes and other product recommendations on her blog-journal and social media pages that may serve other benefits. When you’re ready to gift yourself with our products, we’ll be here for you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for caring. Thank you for supporting skincare that cares.

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