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What's currently in season?

Spring has come and already sprung! Don’t miss out when we fall into fall and be a part of it all 🙂 The next seasonal ELIXIR release will be coming in October 2022. Stay tuned.

There’s a problem with my order. What should i do?

Please send us an email at shop@drsebaa.com as soon as possible with your order number and details so we can make everything right.

What does it mean if a product is on “pre-order”?

Dr. Sebaa curates her products in small micro-batches so that each bottle is filled with the utmost care, potency, and freshness that your skin deserves. Some components of the formula require herbal extractions that take several weeks. We don’t rush Mother Nature with our signature process. If a batch is sold out quicker than expected, a pre-order date may be farther out but you can always guarantee supreme quality once it becomes available.

On the website, review the “NEXT BATCH AVAILABLE ON” date and see if this is a feasible time for you. Once you place your order and payment is processed, you’ll be added to our golden list of ELIXIR Owners who will receive their order as soon as we can get your goods into your hands. Please allow 1-3 days after the batch-available date for your order to be shipped. You’ll receive an email confirmation once this happens.

To summarize, you can purchase a pre-order item anytime and simply wait for the batch date release. We hope you’ll agree that it’s well worth the wait.

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we wish for you to be elated with every purchase. We accept returns for damaged goods up to 14 days after placing your order. Please email us at shop@drsebaa.com for further instruction. Due to the nature of our handmade products, we do not accept returns on otherwise healthy products. All sales are final.

Do you offer discounts?

At Dr. Sebaa Skin Skin Co., we’re uncompromising about quality, safety, and efficacy—and that means our products aren’t cheap. From our seasonal, sustainably-sourced botanicals to our artisanal manufacturing, micro-batch formulating, and relentless R&D, the costs add up, and for that reason, we currently have a no-discount policy. Newsletter subscribers do have access to exclusive updates and special treats as they arise. Be sure you’re on the list!

Our products are next-level experiences without compromise and come with a higher-end tag. Price is relative and we understand that as well. Keep an eye out for future launches/recommendations that may be more suited for your price range and skin needs.  When you’re ready to gift yourself with our products, we’ll be here for you.


When will i receive my us order?

All skincare formulations are made fresh on a seasonal and/or extract-based basis. Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be shipped after the pre-order window has closed. If you are placing a pre-order item, the date of batch availability will be listed on the website. Allow 1-3 business days from the date of batch availability for your order to be packed with care and shipped. It is our priority to get these goods into your hands as soon as possible while ensuring the utmost quality and freshness. Thank you for your patience. If your order has not shipped within 2 weeks, please contact us promptly with your order number at shop@drsebaa.com so we can further investigate the matter and best assist you.

Do i get free shipping?

Yes! All orders within the USA receive free shipping. Orders outside of the US are subject to your country’s taxes, fees, and shipping dues.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship our products across North America—USA and Canada. Additional shipping charges may apply to Hawaii, Puerto Rice, and Alaska. If you are located outside of North America, please contact us and we will review your information along with any other information you may need.

We also now offer international shipping via DHL Express to most countries worldwide. IMPORTANT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTE: (1) As a courtesy to our international customers, Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. does cover duties and taxes on behalf of our customers. However, any additional fees or international shipping costs or any confiscations, delays, and/or holds at customs is not the responsibility of Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. The client is responsible for logistical matters with their local postal service. (2) All products are compliant with US cosmetic laws and regulations. Your country may have other regulations for which we are not responsible for. We cannot offer returns or refunds for packages held at customs, as these are issues beyond our control. Note that some international orders may take up to 4 weeks to arrive. Please contact your local customs office for more information regarding your country’s policies.

Where is my tracking information?

Once your order is processed (1-5 business days), you will receive a separate email confirmation containing your tracking information once your order has shipped. Things just get better from there. 🙂

Ingredients & Products

Where can i learn more about your ingredients?

Check out our Ingredients page here (click).

What is the shelf life of your products?

Once opened, our products have a shelf life of 18 months per third-party stability testing – however, we understand that the potency is in the freshness of the product and it’s best to use within 9-12 months of opening. You can see the use by symbol on each product (box and product) with the POA symbol (6M or 9M or 12M). Dr. Sebaa recommends using ELIXIR facial oils within 6-9 months for utmost freshness.  Please keep away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. No need to refrigerate.

Where can i learn more about your facial oil-serum, elixir?

Learn more about ELIXIR here (click). She’s a beauty and brings out the most beautiful complexion in you.

Are your products vegan and gluten-free?

ELIXIR is both vegan and gluten free. While most of our products are vegan, some upcoming products will contain honey and pearl powder. This will be noted on the product page. Other than that, none of our products are tested on animals—only humans who are happy to use them.

How is the Spring/Summer ELIXIR different from the Fall/Winter ELIXIR?
Please visit this blogpost as it expands on this question much more. 


Short notes: Every single ingredient is carefully vetted throughout the year, which is why ELIXIR is a series that takes into account the changes in nature while honoring what she has to offer as well as what may be better suited for skin by season.


For example, the Spring/Summer Edition contains two cooling herbs in traditional herbal medicine: lithospermum root and blue tansy flower.


Lithospermum is a hardy root often used to quell both external heat damage such as rashes and internal heat toxicity such as rosacea. Blue tansy contains anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and anti-microbial agent azulene.


The SS Edition also contains drought-resistant Kalahari Wild Watermelon as well as spring-blooming Passiflora and Cucumber oils.


Although visibly thicker, the consistency of the SS Edition is a bit more satin-like compared to the silky-finish of the Fall/Winter formula. This is due to the higher linoleic fatty-acid and low molecular weight esters compared to FW, which has a richer feel from the oleic fatty-acid dominance.


The feeling might be subtle but the scents are quite different.


The SS has a sweeter and slightly astringent aroma while the FW formula has more of a fresh yet grounding herbaceous aroma – both naturally occurring from the composition of formulas.


While each seasonal formula stays very much the same, there may be slight tweaks by year depending on the best bioavailability of ingredients. 


This is what sets ELIXIR apart. May you feel the difference ~ 


Again, please visit this blog-post for more information (including how the ELIXIR formulas are similar). 🙂

Are your ingredients organic? What standards do you hold for your ingredients?

All natural ingredients used in our products are either organic or wildcrafted. We believe that wild-harvesting is actually the healthiest form of plant ingredient sourcing, so while many of our ingredients are organic, we choose not to pursue USDA certification. All relevant ingredients are fair trade and suppliers are vetted to be sure that fair practices and wages as well as community-building efforts are pursued with ingredient sources. Clinical grade ingredients are made in skilled GMP laboratories in the USA, France, Spain, and Switzerland. Many of our lab made dermaceutical ingredients are also ECOCERT certified. COA and SDS sheets are kept for every ingredient. Each selected ingredient is carefully assessed to assure the best contribution to the overall formulation. This is also why ELIXIR comes in a seasonal series. We know you’ll feel the difference.

Elixir Facial Oil Serum Faq

How do i integrate elixir in my skincare routine?

ELIXIR blends beautifully in any skincare routine. As a facial oil serum, ELIXIR is a nourishing moisturizer and antioxidant serum in one. Simply cleanse, apply a toner/essence if desired, and massage ELIXIR into your skin. Alternatively, add a few drops of ELIXIR into your daily moisturizer for an added boost or your makeup for a fine dewy finish. ELIXIR may also be patted on areas of the skin that require more care. ELIXIR is also suitable as a part of your GUA SHA FACIAL MASSAGE routine to add more slip and assist your smooth supple skin tone. ELIXR can be used day (before sunscreen) and night (alone or before heavier creams/balms).


RETINOL NOTE: If you’re newly using a retinol product, skip ELIXIR on the nights you’re using retinol as ELIXIR is high in vitamin C, which may not be a suitable mix for some. Consult your dermatologist regarding your individual skin’s needs and tolerances.


ELIXIR is a wonderful treatment for the morning after your retinol use and on nights you’re not using retinol. If, however, you’re well acclimated to your retinol, ELIXIR will layer beautifully either on top or under your retinol product. Discuss the best combination of use with your dermatologist depending on the formulation you’re using. ELIXIR is high in an advanced technology form of vitamin C (THD Ascorbate) that is more stable than common L-Ascorbic acid and is a less sensitizing ingredient overall.

Is elixir good for my skin type?

ELIXIR is designed to support your skin’s vital lipid barrier and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, acne-prone, maturing, and combination skin.

Is elixir safe during pregnancy or nursing?

We love Mamas! Dr. Sebaa developed her formulas with pregnancy and nursing in mind and used ELIXIR (along with a few others we’re excited to share in the future ;)) during her pregnancy and nursing days. As always, do consult your doctor about integrating a new product you have questions about.

Will elixir clog my pores?

As a perfectly oil soluble formulation that absorbs harmoniously in the skin, ELIXIR will not clog your pores. ELIXIR is a carefully crafted formula with soothing and penetration-enhancing ingredients that ensure your skin enjoys the full goodness of every drop. The ingredients used are low on the comedogenicity scale with low surface tension. Your skin will find ELIXIR to be quite the treat and will happily soak it up. If you’re new to facial oils, give your skin some time to adjust to the texture of this product.

Is elixir good for acne prone skin?

While there are numerous skin conditions with a plethora of causes, here’s what we can say: the ingredients are superb and incorporate botanicals that are exceptional at mending the skin’s woes. Specific to acne, our linoleic rich fatty acid matrix laced with black cumin seed, prickly pear, elderberry, and schisandra work in synergy to combat common acne among other skin healing benefits. Dr. Sebaa also shares internal issues worth assessing for acne. Follow us to learn more about how to beautify your skin inside-out and outside-in @drsebaa and @drsebaaskin.

Will ELIXIR cause bumps/blemishes? Tell me more about ELIXIR as a facial oil serum.

The ingredients used in both ELIXIR’s Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Editions are low on the comedogenicity scale with low surface tension. The oil balance in our current Fall/Winter Edition is rich in linoleic acid matrix along with black cumin seed, prickly pear, elderberry, milk thistle, and schisandra, which all work in synergy to combat common blemishes.


ELIXIR will not clog your pores but as with any highly-emollient product, it should be applied over very clean and slightly damp skin. ELIXIR works well over a lactic acid toner or simple hydrosol. If you find that you simply don’t like the texture of facial oils or fatty balms in general (after giving them a good try), this product may not be suitable for you at this time or maybe best mixed into a basic moisturizer with just a few drops (half a pump) at a time.


Facial oils can take some getting used to. They’re wonderful to protect your skin’s natural lipids barrier (a defense barrier) while your skin heals. ELIXIR has additional actives that support your skin’s healing process. The texture of ELIXIR Facial Oil Serum is silky and light but also potent so it does take a few minutes to sink in.


During the day, use ELIXIR as your final step to allow any water-based products used earlier to sink in underneath. Sunscreen always goes on afterward. When applied at night, you’ll wake up to soft, supple skin after your skin has recharged with all the active goodness in the oil-serum.


With that, everyone’s skin is unique and will respond to new products differently depending on quite a few individual factors. Contact us if you have any further questions.

When will I see results?

Results simply get better with time. Immediate smoothness will be noted as you provide your skin with a wonderful dose of nourishment. ELIXIR is considered preventative medicine for your skin as it acts on multiple planes—protecting your skin from the damaging effects of pollution and weather extremes to nourishing your skin’s barrier so that it can be at its healthiest. Stable collagen boosting vitamin C also assists with collagen production so that you can retain your plumpness longer along with a synergy other ingredients that bring forth your healthiest skin. Some notice results right away while others see the benefits with time. A healthy skin cellular turnover takes about 28-45 days depending on one’s age and pre-existing conditions. It all depends on what you’re looking for but we hope you enjoy every drop of this skin-loving treasure as much as we do!

How long will elixir last me?

There are about 200 pumps in every 30ml bottle. This gives you 2-6 months of use depending on how many pumps you use daily. If you use 1 pump a day—let’s say you need very little and add ELIXIR to your current moisturizer as a boost every day, it will last 6 months. If you use 1-2 pumps day twice a day for day and night use every day, it’ll last about 2 months. We’ve been hearing that one bottle lasts surprisingly long given how beautifully potent and easy to spread it is. We hope you enjoy every bit and come back for more skin goodness.

What is the shelf life for elixir?

Once opened, the shelf life of ELIXIR is 12 months but it is best used within 6 months. While it may be fine for a few months past this point, we understand that the potency is in the freshness of the product and it’s best to use within 6-9 months of opening. ELIXIR is nestled in dark violet biophotonic glass, which adds an additional protection for the elements as well as being housed in a pump bottle. Still, please keep away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. No need to refrigerate.

Do you use fragrances?

We do not use any artificial fragrances in our products. The aroma you smell is a result of the synergy of the ingredients along with supercritical and hydro-distilled oils that are not only beneficial to the skin but calm the mind. Dosages for naturally scented ingredients are carefully taken into account. Any resulting scent is one that imparts benefits to the whole—mind, body, and soul. Breathe deep. Exhale slow. Enjoy every facet of this botanically intelligent formula.

Why is ELIXIR Facial Oil only available seasonally?

A well designed facial oil serum is one of the most nourishing treats you can give your skin. We set out to take things further by curating formulas that recognize the changing demands of climate, pollution, and what nature has to offer at peak seasons. Our skin and the environment are inseparable.

Dr. Sebaa is meticulous about ingredient sourcing and has found, over the years, that designing deeply intentional formulas that account for what’s freshest in the season suits the skin best-just as it does for the body on the inside. Through her relationship with independent ingredient suppliers, she’s able to pick options that are more closely in tune with the season’s availability. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Dr. Sebaa’s ELIXIR SERIES is released in uber-fresh batches two times a year for a short window: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Other products may not need to be seasonal in nature and we’ll be sure to note that but for the ELIXIR series, this nuance is important.

What does it mean that there are “layers of solutions” in your formulas?

As an classically trained herbalist, Dr. Sebaa’s formulas are developed with a systematic approach taking into account not only the individual benefits of an herb but also how it works (or doesn’t) with other herbs. Dr. Sebaa brings this depth of herbal materia medica knowledge into every formulation. Some ingredients are “Chiefs” that bring the primary benefits. Others are “Deputies” or “Assistants” which aid the main functions, bring secondary functions, and/or mitigate the effects of potent Chief herbs. “Guiding” ingredients serve to ensure that the ingredients are directed to where they need to go while “Harmonizing” ingredients loop the formula into one inseparable entity, which work together to bring the best to your ever-healing skin. This may seem like a foreign concept in a time where ingredients are simply studded into a formula for the singular benefits along with a buzzword-ridden industry, however, this is indeed the ancient and time-proven way of constructing reliable sub-groups of the whole.

Every ELIXIR order comes with a  LAYERS OF SOLUTIONS card for that particular season.

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