Camellia Japonica (Tsubaki) Seed Oil*+

Camellia Japonica (Tsubaki) Seed Oil*+

Camellia Japonica oil (not to be confused with Camellia Oleifera or Sinensis) is said to be a treasured ancient beauty secret of the Geishas. But it’s no secret why that is. Native to southern Japan’s “Rose of Winter”, Tsubaki oil is pressed from the shiny polyphenol-rich seeds of its beautiful blossom. Camellia japonica has been found to support skin barrier function and particularly induces the synthesis of human type I procollagen. It’s been said that Japanese ocean divers who would be exposed to the cold salty water for hours would slather their skin and hair with this oil to protect them from the elements. The women found that despite the constant exposure to potentially skin damaging circumstances, their skin and hair remained healthier than ever. This oil blends perfectly with the rest of the family of powerhouse ingredients in this formula.

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