Motherhood Message

Motherhood Message

If there’s 1 thing motherhood has taught me in 2017/2018, it’s this: Slow down. Cherish the littlest things. Time slips through the cracks unless you’re in the present moment. Practice being here now.
Instead of fighting this new found slowness, I’m embracing it. And with that, I’ve learned to take in the benefits. Time slows down and speeds up at the same time with little one(s). It’s a strange phenomenon.
On one end, “they grow up so fast, don’t they? where does the time go?!” and on the other end I can hear the shrieking echo of projects’ brakes reverberating loud and clear.
But I’ve noticed that by holding onto the blessings of what-is, I’m able to *feel* much more on the inside rather than hustle through the *do* that’s more visible to others outside of this nest.
There’s a secret beauty that comes with this season. No one sees those sleepless nights, those cranky (for lack of a better word) days.. no one sees the tears and the worries–the pain. But it’s those exchanges of slobbery kisses, those moments where we wonder “how in the world did s/he learn that so fast??”, and those contagious giggles that throw time out the window. Gratitude remains the theme du jour.
So, here’s to slowing down and making it work.
Don’t ask a mama *where she’s been*… It really is hard to explain (and she may already be feeling some #fomo so…)
In a nutshell:
She’s doing the things that don’t have titles, accolades, trophies or golden stars. She’s mastering the skill of multi-tasking. She’s laser focused in one moment and collecting herself in another. She has a vision that can’t be uttered. She’s in this for the long haul. Being a soothing and open presence for her is enough.

P.S. This is a rare photo capture of one of my top moments from this year during our recent family vacation. Leia had a blast and when I held her and kissed her sweaty forehead, I knew it was time for a nap. This wild child (she’s very active mA) did just that on my shoulder.
Book: The Power of Now by @eckharttolle
Coincidence? It doesn’t matter. I’m just counting my blessings enumerable aH…

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