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Dr. Aïcha Sebaa Reveals Revolutionary ELIXIR for the Ultimate Skin Health


– Natural Ingredients and Science Combine to Repair, Protect, and Nourish Skin –


SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 18, 2020 – Dr. Aïcha Sebaa, a leading doctor of East Asian

medicine and clinical herbalist for women, has revealed a new elixir that promises to elevate the

standard of skincare with its unparalleled combination of natural ingredients that leads to

breathtaking, healthy skin. Designed to both delight and defend your skin, Dr. Sebaa’s ELIXIR

replaces a medicine cabinet full of over-the-counter products with one refreshingly simple

product that repairs, protects, nourishes and moisturizes.


Available in a limited-edition release, the ELIXIR is a powerful, silky serum made from

carefully-curated botanicals and skin-protecting antioxidants of the highest quality. Using the

best of what nature and science have to offer – including potent antioxidants, smoothing

emollients and diverse phytonutrients – the superbly-sourced, skin-nourishing ingredients work

together to repair and support the lipid barrier for the healthiest skin possible. Specific

ingredients thoughtfully sourced by Dr. Sebaa include calendula, marula fruit oil, nigella seeds,

date seed extract, milk thistle ester, pot marigold, schisandra, and elderberry. The ELIXIR is the

result of both ancient plant wisdom and modern technology that extracts the best skin-loving

aspects of each ingredient, along with a highly-stable form of vitamin C and plant-derived

collagen that plumps the skin.


“The future of skincare stems from the past,” said Dr. Sebaa. “This ELIXIR is made from the

most natural, ancient ingredients for results beyond imagination, which work together to repair

your skin while you sleep and also during the day when environmental stressors are a factor.

With this ELIXIR, skin is plump, moisturized and nourished naturally, while also working

against signs of premature aging.”


Dr. Sebaa’s ELIXIR Series includes a Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer formula, featuring

different ingredients that are seasonally-appropriate and consider the changing needs of skin due

to environmental factors. She recommends using the ELIXIR before sunscreen during the day

and as the final step of your skincare regimen at night, leaving your skin with a gorgeous,

protecting glow. It can be used effectively alone or layered under makeup for a fresh, dewy



The road to developing the ELIXIR came from Dr. Sebaa’s own personal experience that began

in her adolescence and through her father’s aging process. After her first trip to a dermatologist

to combat cystic acne as a teenager, she walked away with two prescriptions, a long list of

potential side effects, and no insight about natural remedies. Around the same time, she noticed

her father’s aging skin was suffering at the healthcare facility where he resided. His sensitive

skin was being affected by the facility’s cheap creams, leaving it dry and irritated. Having been

fascinated by the healing properties of nature since childhood, Dr. Sebaa decided to harness that

power for herself and her loved ones. Using fresh, natural ingredients she discovered to have

skin-loving properties, she began formulating her own creams and serums.


Fast forward to her life now as a mother, and the evolution of her professional career as a clinical

herbalist and cosmetic formulator, Dr. Sebaa never forgot the healing powers of those natural

ingredients. As a busy mother and professional, she wanted to create a powerful product that

simplified her skincare regimen without compromising her skin health. Armed with years of

insight and training, she combined her love of nature and knowledge of science to develop her

ELIXIR. She now successfully treats women with her own formula – the result of years of

meticulous sourcing, careful consideration of ingredients and a true passion for the final product.


Dr. Sebaa’s ELIXIR is available online through Dr. Sebaa Skin Co., at Limited quantities of the Fall/Winter ELIXIR are available

through pre-order only, ensuring a fresh order that has not experienced any shelf time.

Availability of the Spring/Summer formula will be announced in Spring 2021.



About Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. Led by leading East Asian doctor of medicine and clinical herbalist Dr. Aïcha Sebaa, Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. is an emerging brand that is elevating the standard of skincare. Utilizing the best of what nature and science have to offer, her ELIXIR Series is comprised of thoughtfully-sourced, natural ingredients that celebrate ancient plant wisdom for the ultimate in healthy, glowing skin. Learn more about Dr. Sebaa Skin Co. at






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