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Dr. Sebaa’s BAUME – Face and Body Balm






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“We’ve all experienced times in our life when our skin needed some extra TLC. Whether it’s due to dry weather or other internal/external factors, we wish we could do more for our skin. That’s why I created this versatile formula to protect against rapid water loss, soothe scaly skin, and provide an indulgent overnight mask for plump, healthy-looking skin the next day. I poured my heart into creating this lavish yet practical skin treat, and I’m thrilled to share it with you!” – Dr. Aïcha Sebaa, Founder x Formulator




BAUME is perfect for skin that’s feeling dry, agitated, and sensitized or if your skin could use a plumping boost.

╰ Melt a small dollop in between your fingertips and press onto your wet skin. BAUME can be used externally on any skin surface, head to toe.

╰ Mix with a little water or a hydrosol to create a creamy experience—the balm will transform into a thick cream upon mixing with water.

╰ Layer BAUME on top of ELIXIR and/or other serums you’re using to lock in the healthy-aging benefits.

╰ For an extra indulgent treatment, apply a thicker veil at night for a decadent overnight mask. If you’re experiencing any dry patches or stripped skin, simply wet the area and massage BAUME onto your skin, finishing it off with pressing motions. Wait a few seconds while the gorgeous formula integrates with your skin.


The artwork is a dreamy companion to the hard-working formulas you’ll find here. The goal is always to connect with nature, tangibly through the freshly sourced botanical ingredients to the surreal and whimsical illustrations—taking your senses through the endless potential of the natural world.

Each formula in the Dr. Sebaa Skin series has an overarching mascot. BAUME holds the serenity of a swan. 🦢

⛲ Just as a swan glides effortlessly on the water, this balm can help the skin glide into a state of radiance, calm, and rejuvenation. The nourishing ingredients in the balm can help to restore the skin’s lipid barrier, repair damage, and provide intense moisture, much like the soft, delicate feathers of a swan protect and preserve her delicate beauty.

🪶 Furthermore, just as a swan is known for its elegant, radiant appearance, this balm can help the skin to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion. The ingredients in the balm can help to soothe and calm irritated skin, reduce inflammation, and provide antioxidants and other nutrients that help to protect against environmental stressors.

✨ Whether you are looking to improve your skin health, calm irritation, or achieve a radiant complexion, this balm can help you to achieve your goals and embrace your inner swan.




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