Rose Quartz – Mini Facial Smoothing Tool

$28 / 1 bulb stone

You can never have too much love in your life. Popular in feng shui, Rose Quartz invites the flow of loving energy. Our rose quartz gua sha imparts a message of loving touch and a rosy glow that’ll keep you blushing.


Beyond the beauty of this love stone, facial massage is a wonderful way to bring microcirculation to your tissues and promote lymphatic drainage. This is a great way to keep your complexion supple, relaxed, and tone. Elevate your self-care and skin-care routines with this smoothing massage technique. Your tool will come with instructions that you can take with you anywhere.

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message from the founder

There’s so much at your fingertips—including a natural and supple glow.


Facial massage is an intuitive practice that will take your skincare and wellness routine to the next level. Gua sha is an ancient healing modality that effectively brings microcirculation to tissues where you need it most.


I want to bring this tradition to you as an elegant rejuvenation technique that you can be empowered by. There’s no better time to collect even a few moments of self-care to connect with your body and ease your mind.


Using the Earth’s elements in genuine stone form grounds you with nature and heightens your senses. I’ve noticed the benefits of regular facial gua sha in my dear clients and myself for mitigating many ailments including headaches, sinus congestion, puffiness, mental fatigue, anxiety, and lackluster skin.


The relief is almost immediate. It’s like layers of static have dispersed—revealing the vibrant essence that’s waiting to shine through. I’m wishing that for you.


To health and radiance,

Aicha Sebaa, DAOM LAc


Our stones are genuine, certified, and vetted to be authentic. We never compromise on quality and assure that you’re getting the best of the best.


Dr. Sebaa has chosen two enchanting stones to bring forth wellness both energetically and physically: Nephrite Jade and Rose Quartz.


Even if you’re not into the more esoteric, Eastern understanding of these materials, you’ll surely appreciate the sheer beauty and quality of these gorgeous Earthly gems.


Practically speaking, facial massage can be done with anything from your bare fingertips to a porcelain soup spoon to the rarest mineral out there. All are beautifully effective in their own right. Find what works best for you.


These lovely tools are here to enhance your experience and bring more joy to your rituals.


Genuine & Unique

As nature craves change herself so too can there be subtle differences in your unique stone. Pictures cannot do these minerals justice. Even variations in light and opacity can reflect a different image. Genuine gems naturally have accentual variations and each gua sha tool is hand carved. Consider this a fingerprint. Embrace this. This is nature’s signature to you. And know that what you hold is perfectly yours.

Treatment and Tools


Rose Quartz – Facial Smoothing Tool


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