Therapeutic skincare–healing traditions with modern dermatology

SEBAA Skin Co.

Elemental Beauty

Currently, DR. SEBAA Skin Co. products are only available at Acupuncture Sanctuary for Women in San Diego and select holistic wellness clinics and spas as a back-bar item on a custom order basis. Our products will be available online soon so stay tuned! In the meantime, read more about our principles below.

SEBAA Skin provides high quality, potent, fresh, and botanically therapeutic skincare–synergizing time-proven healing traditions with modern dermatology.


Since I was a little girl, making potions and ‘magical muds’ with weeds, blossoms, and spices from my mom’s yard and kitchen is a cherished pastime. My imagination ran wild. I couldn’t get enough of what secrets could be found in nature and how they can transform us. I watched in awe as my elegant mother would carefully go through her morning routine from cleansing to moisturizing to light makeup. I saw so much beauty in nature and knew that there was a connection to our own radianceinside-out and outside-in.


As my skills become more refined and I picked up a liking for culinary arts and herbal medicine, so too did the collection of my formulas evolve. In college, I further delved into the study of cosmetic chemistry and formulations sciences. While learning about the potential synthetic additives and toxic substances in skincare, I began to test alternatives using natural ingredients. My intrigue with the world of wildcrafted beauty continues to bring out the little girl in me.


I am so pleased, honored, and humbled to say that many local women and men have enjoyed the products I have made. I am ecstatic to share these products with you too in the near future!


~ Dr. Aïcha Sebaa



All our products are free from petroleum-based ingredients, dyes, silicones, parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde-releasers, phthalates, propylene, dyes, fillers and the long list of harmful substances commonly found in commercial products. We are committed to nourishing your skin with the beautiful brilliance of nature.


We are firm in protecting the rights of both humans and animals. Our products are sourced from the highest standards of fair-trade and working conditions. We also pledge never to test out products on animals. We have signed a statement of assurance verifying that we do not conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that we pledge not to do so in the future.




Each product is carefully hand crafted in small batches from scratch with love and care—start to finish in Southern California. Our products never stay sitting on shelves for months, let alone any longer.


All SEBAA Skin products blend the best of the East and West in every exquisite and potent formulation. Each formula includes the healing benefits of Black Seed Nigella Sativa oil, also known as “The Blessed Seed,” which has been used in prophetic medicine, by Queen Nefertiti and throughout the ages for its incredible array of therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Other healing herbs in each formula provide a powerhouse of goodness for your skin.




We are committed to providing high-quality ingredients that are safe and effective. Every ingredient has a purpose. You will never find unnecessary and cheap fillers in SEBAA Skin products. We research and question our ingredient suppliers diligently to make sure that each ingredient meets our high standards of purity and quality.


We believe in living sustainably and consciously. We try to decrease our carbon footprint as much as possible. All of our raw materials are sourced from suppliers with like-minded eco-sensibilities. We are a part of a global team with a common sense of responsibility and love for our planet. Our handmade products are manufactured with very little machinery. Our packaging is designed to be reused and recycled. We invite our supporting customers to take part in making a positive change by choosing eco-conscious skincare.




Skincare you can trust. We believe that offering natural skincare solutions comes with the responsibility of fully disclosing ingredients to our customers. We provide a complete list of ingredients in proper labeling format beyond the FDA standards. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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