(unmodified - emphasis my own.)

"Beauty that Heals… a statement Dr. Sebaa’s Elixir Fall/Winter Botanical Antioxidant Serum can truly do. I was once told, all you need is one product that does it all, as long as you’re consistent the rest is golden. Never did I think that this beautiful glass bottle would be filled with true magic! It’s made with quality, luxury and zero compromise. With every droplet you can feel that this serum was made with true love.

I can honestly say the year of 2020 was challenging for many. Personally, I went through my very own health challenges and dealt with a change in my skin texture from the different types of medications I was taking. I dealt with thick skin and breakouts. My skin was inflamed from any product, so I couldn’t use anything with a fragrance. Natural is what I needed.

I did not realize the impact on how wearing a face mask daily would just irritate my skin-as many of us must wear due to protocol. It can be daunting and embarrassing to deal with breakouts being an adult and working as a professional. So finding a product that can help alleviate these symptoms and actually heal my skin is incredible!

That is exactly what the Elixir by Dr. Sebaa did. After cleansing my face, using an SPF and the Elixir as my main product. Yes! The Elixir was my only product that I used! I washed my face with a basic olive oil soap bar and a sensitive spf because living in California you have to use sunscreen. Using the Elixir not only has been a game changer but has truly been an amazing experience! I literally have purchased two Elixirs for my siblings for them to also try (this product also works for all types of skins). I have seen a significant difference and change in the texture of my skin, a reduction in rosacea and overall when applying make up my skin is smooth.

The product is so soothing and insatiably luxurious. I love waking up knowing that after I wash my face I will cleanse, use my sunscreen and use about 2-3 drops of my Elixir and massage it into my skin. This serum is so amazing!

I actually look forward to my night time regimen knowing that I will wash my face with an ice cube and then use two drops of my Elixir and massage it into my skin. I feel so refreshed and relaxed. The scent of the oils instantly is soothing and luxurious. It’s exceptional and here are the photos to show the change in my skin and how this serum truly heals with consistency and time! I literally feel different on the inside and that is reflected on the outside. Thank you so much for this amazing product and for my glowy skin! I am so excited for the launch of your new spring Elixir!

Thank you Dr. Sebaa for your incredible product and the time you took to create this amazing concoction!"


★★★★★ The BEST oil serum. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I already feel a huge difference with my skin hydration. It feels soft, smooth, and has an amazing glow. Thank you!
– Besan A.

★★★★★ Elixir is my best kept secret - until this review comes out. 🙂 My skin couldn't be happier and I love the way my skin feels every morning.
– Samantha R.

★★★★★ So unique. I've been in aesthetics for over a decade and I've never tried anything like this. The formulation is truly something else. This is the perfect seel to my skincare routine every night and just a few drops in the morning before sunscreen. My skin feels taken care of and less sensitive. I used to breakout and get flaky very easily. Now, my skin feels stronger. It's amazing. Thank you for putting your expertise out there. Well worth it. Keep going.
– Sara T.

★★★★★ One of the best things about using this serum is that is has completely narrowed down my skincare routine. I stopped reaching for much else. I cleanse and then apply my Elixir. Sometimes I'll use a treatment in between if needed but rarely do so. My skin looks and feels so much healthier after using if for a year:) Thank you for making this. It's worth it and more.
– Rachael

★★★★★ Amazing product love using it every morning that’s the highlight of my day.
– Sonal K.

★★★★★ *Fantastic. I love this serum. I use it everyday.
– Sonia T.

★★★★★ "My skin CRAVES Dr. Sebaa's Elixir. I've never had this experience with any other product. I actually look forward to my skincare routine now because massaging all this in feels like the most decadent dessert for my skin. I hope she never stops making this because it's made such a difference on my skin. I use way less products now and have even better results. I can't wait to try everything else Dr. Sebaa makes!"

★★★★★ Love it!
This is my 3 rd bottle and I don’t know how you do the timing but when I use my last drop, the new one comes right away! I started Elixir while I was pregnant and I wanted to use something natural. Since then It is the only product that I use for my face. I have a hydrated skin all day long. Thank you so much for all the effort.
– Serra D.

★★★★★ All purpose Elixir
I have come to love Elixir since the day I started using it. I have used the Spring/ Summer formula and now I am in the process of using the Fall/Winter one. It glides on smoothly and penetrates the skin beautifully. I have noticed smooth and moisturized skin after any application. Thank you so much for making this formula! I do not need any other Serums now and have not felt such a difference in my skin when I was using other serums.
– Syeda M.

★★★★★ What Can I Say
This is my second Elixir. After having finished the spring/summer I started receiving compliments on how fresh my face looked. At first, I thought it was an attempt to make me feel better, but then multiple people pointed out how fresh my skin looked as well. So the proof was definitely in the pudding. I just started my fall/winter Elixir. It also has the same rejuvenating feeling on my face. I live in a very dry climate so I do need to have a very wet face and use two pumps of this fall/winter Elixir to spread smoothly and evenly. The Elixir has proven itself as a healing product for sure. As someone who rinses my face multiple times a day for wudu’ /ablution, the Elixir has definitely protected my face from excessive dryness. I wasn’t accustomed to the scent like the Elixir of spring/summer, but it grew on me. I love this product it has without a doubt given my face a second chance at life. It has even lightened my melasma and evened out the extreme oily/dry complexion of my face. My face is now lightly and evenly oiled and I no longer suffer from dehydration. It’s no joke like liquid gold.
– Debora K.

★★★★★ Elixir of Life
One of the best serums I have ever used! The smell is absolutely divine and incomparable. This product nourishes my skin and has simplified my skin care routine. Using Elixir is my favorite part of my day
– Leena E.

★★★★★ Healing. I have found that my skin really likes this— from the scent to the smoothness, its an experience i really enjoy.
– Abbid M.

★★★★★ Glow 🙂
This elixir is not just ordinary liquid in a bottle. It really is a natural skin remedy thats been created by an intuitive soul to remind us all of our own inherent beauty. An you feel it when you apply it. Both Spring summer and fall winter have their own unique difference in scent and properties. However, they both leave the skin feeling soft like velvet and enhance your unique glow. Works wonderfully with Gua Sha tool as well. So glad to have found this little gem that makes a mighty difference to the skin.
– Faiza

★★★★★ “I'm one of the lucky ones who got to try this serum early on and I've been hooked since. It was my best kept secret and my skin soaks this stuff in like it's nobody's business. I've been through so many face oils and serums since they've been hot for a while but nothing compares to Dr. Sebaa's Elixir. It leaves a silky finish and my complexion glows the whole day. This is a must-have in my skincare routine. I'm so excited that she's bringing it online so I can share it with everyone who's asked me about my skin. The secret is out, ha!"

★★★★★ "Literally, 1-2 drops in my foundation and my skin radiate its own sun rays. It's that good. I wear way less makeup because this stuff makes my skin better than I ever thought it could look. I travel a lot and this is what I use before getting on the plane to protect my skin. This is hand down my favorite skincare product."

★★★★★ "My skincare routine slimmed down so so much since using Dr. Sebaa's botanical facial oil. I don't even use all the creams and lotions and expensive serums I used to layer on before. A pump or two massaged in does the trick. My skin is way less sensitive than it used to be and I feel hydrated all day. This really should be called a Skin Treatment because that's exactly what it does. I'm excited that it'll finally be online so I don't have to keep bugging my friend who's her patient for more!!!"

★★★★★ "It's been 8 weeks now and I can't believe my eyes. I don't wear any concealer anymore and I just love my skin as it is. My smile lines have smoothed out and the crepiness I used to see before is completely gone!! I used to dread my lengthy morning routine from skincare to makeup but now that my skin looks this good, I barely wear any makeup. If you caught me a few months ago, you would never dare to see me without my full coverage face. Now, my skin breathes."

★★★★★ "I only use this at night because I prefer to leave face oils for the evening. During the day, I'll dab a little on my highlight points (Pro-tip from Wayne Goss!). In just a few weeks my skin looks the healthiest it's ever been. I eat really healthy and work out regularly but I still deal with pigmentation issues, dryness, and just a sallow complexion. This stuff just wakes up my skin. I couldn't be happier with this product."

★★★★★ "My facial oiliness issue actually got better and more balanced after using it regularly. I used to use all those oil-free products left me with acne WITH dry skin.. the worst!! But now, I'm acne-free besides the zit here and there and my scars are slowly fading. I wish I could give Sebaa a big hug right now because this is the only thing that's made this much of a difference on my skin. I recommend this to anyone with adult acne prone skin."

★★★★★ "What I really like about this is that it's not just a bunch of oils slapped together that I could get from anywhere. I can really tell that a lot of thought went into making this. It has vitamin C, enzymes, and all this good stuff with the plant extracts. It's really an art that I feel I'm massaging into my skin. Since using this a few months ago, I've gotten so many compliments about my skin and I know exactly why that is 😉"

★★★★★ "I just love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Dr. Sebaa makes! She's been my acupuncturist and herbalist for years and I trust her to the end. I know that she thoroughly researches everything and treats everyone like they're family. When I first tried this, even though my expectations were pretty high, I was blown away! First of all, it smells AMAZING..secondly, it really is an anti-aging miracle. I'm in my mid forties and my skin has changed so much."

★★★★★Dearest Aïcha,
I have used your serum for a couple of weeks now (I wanted to give it a good run before reviewing it) and it was love at first sight > the smell - the hue - the light, yet nourishing sensation on the skin. I am not very good with my skin care routine, so when I came across your serum, and the claim that it might be the only product I would need to use, I was sold. Not only because of its all-in-one nature, but also because if was formulated by you. As classmates in acupuncture school, I have always admired your work ethic and the fact that you exude love in every action and word out of your body. I was also excited to support a colleague and I am beyond ecstatic that I have finally found something that works out well for my minimalist skin care routine. I really appreciate the art and the details in the packaging and the thoughtfulness that goes into every step of your process. Thank you for the research, dedication and love put into this. It shows!
– Ana Paula D.

★★★★★ In love!!!! - I have acne prone skin that tends to scar easily too and this elixir is GOLD. It feels like I’m truly nourishing my skin and I feel sooo good using it knowing how clean the ingredients are! My skin feels extravagant after I put it on and I really feel like it helps even out my skin tone even when I forget to put it on every night. It’s amazing and I will be a life long customer for sure because I’m very skeptical of all the chemicals and additives in other products. If you’re on the fence you won’t regret treating yourself to this!!!
– Hanan F.

★★★★★ Very moisturizing and replenishing - I bought Fall/Winter version and now Spring/Summer version of Elixir. I love this product. My skin absorbs it like food! Even when I wash my face or take a shower my skin still feels moisturized. I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry skin or need replenishing/ food for their skin.
– Tarawat M. A.

★★★★★ - I am as excited to share this review as I am using this jewel of a product. My first bottle (the AW) finished a week before my new bottle arrived. This on its own is amazing, and I’m sure is perfectly measured by Dr Aïcha, as not to waste any. My skin absolutely loves every drop of it and although it is oil based, no oily residue remains after you get to enjoy massaging your face. My skin looks its best, plump and hydrated. I haven’t felt the need for a (professional) facial since my first bottle use. I start with an ice cube therapy over my face for 30 seconds, followed immediately by the serum. After letting it settle for a few seconds I follow with a sunscreen. My skincare routine has been drastically minimized with this beautiful product.
– Noor

★★★★★ Dr. Sebaa’s Elixir facial oil serum is hands down THE BEST face serum I’ve used. You notice the difference in your skin almost immediately. After only using it for 2 days, my skin looked more healthier and less pale and stress. I’m in the healthcare field and work long hours most days of the week, so my face especially around my eyes always looked tired and “sick looking” despite eating healthy & drinking enough water. But since using Dr. Sebaa’s facial oil serum may skin is more radiant and fresh, and it has only been a week so far. I’m very much happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something that is clean from all of the harmful chemicals and something that actually works.
– Laila H.

★★★★★ Clean skincare you can trust! - I am in love with the Dr. Sebaa’s skincare line. I’ve purchased both the winter and spring line. Both products absorbed beautifully, leaving your skin glowing. I love that you can always trust Dr. Sebaa to use quality, natural and safe ingredients in her products. When purchasing from a brick and mortar store it’s hard to tell if the product is actually clean. But with Dr. Sebaa you instantly know whatever she puts out is clean and top quality. Can’t wait to see the product line expand.
– Asma W.

★★★★★ This serum is liquid gold! Hands down the only /moisture that didn’t break me out! And truly natural ingredients!
– Sfb05

★★★★★ A truly healing serum. I guess this is what it feels like when a doctor literally hand-makes a potion just for you. It feels purely healing and amazing. This is the most I've ever invested in skincare, and I feel it's worth in every drop. In addition to the serum, I also started doing bi-monthly aztec+ACV clay masks (a tip I learned from none other than Dr. Sebaa herself). The combination of a daily Elixir routine + occasional masking has brought my skin into this, like, neutral, calm territory I didn't think could exist. I know everyone's after smaller pores and a glow, etc. And it seems like it's not possible for any one product to deliver that. And I feel like, how is it real that I'm saying these words that I'm about to say?: Elixir actually does that. It feels good on the first drop, it feels good as the bottle dwindles, the first drop as fresh as the last. And it's through the process of using it over fall/winter that I really noticed... wait a second, I'm fussing over my skin/pores way less... like, almost never?! That's when I realized the difference Elixir made for my skin. As for the seasonal formulas, the Fall/Winter has such a soothing, warm feel and smell that assures me my skin will be protected from the elements. The Spring/Summer feel is "awakening" and "bright", a sure reminder and celebration of life. I am changed by these formulas, made with love by our very own Dr. Sebaa. Lucky us.
– N.C.

★★★★★ After months of using the F/W Elixir and loving every moment of it, I didn’t expect more out of the S/S elixir, but it is just a beautiful formula that glides on the skin and is a trie act of self care. I feel all the love and Ihsan that Dr. Aicha has put into it every time I apply it. Sublime.
– Wafa Q.

★★★★★ Love and healing in a bottle! - Thank you for this beautiful formula! Seeing slow but steady changes Alhamdulillah! My skin is usually dry and dull, but since including this serum in my skincare, it's become dewier and seems more hydrated! 🙂
– Najma T.

★★★★★ Just what my skin needs - I used the Fall Elixir with amazing results, al-ḥamdu lilLāh, and the Spring/Summer edition was no different. Although the Spring/Summer Edition varied from the Fall/Winter Elixir in that it smelled and looked very different, the results were the same. Light yet deeply nourishing oil for my face that felt refreshing and necessary although my skin was less dry/tight than it is in the colder dryer months. The aroma was also different, subtle and refreshing. The perfect fit my skin care routine!
– A.E.

★★★★★ I am in love with the S/S Elixir and am glad I indulged on this purchase for myself. My skin has never felt so fresh and nourished! The only complaint I have is the bottle leaks. I'm not sure what causes it but am savoring every drop. Either way, I'm still completely satisfied with the Elixir.
– Nour B.

★★★★★ I was initially hesitant about getting it I found it very costly but when the product arrived I am pleased it’s very soothing for skin looking forward to fall and winter collection as well.
– Nosheen I.

★★★★★ Love the ingredients and layering it under my moisturizer (I have very dry skin and love the boost this gives it).
– Noreen H.

★★★★★ Treat yourself. As a busy Mom who barely has time for herself...the elixir hugs me, reminds me to slow down and enjoy the beauty I'm surrounded by, and to focus on what truly matters. The elixir empowers me and keeps me feeling loved and nourished. It's worth every cent and I can't way for the Spring edition.
– Qanita M.

★★★★★ I have used many products over the years from Skinceuticals to K-beauty to drugstore brands. I’m very critical when it comes to skin and don’t use something unless I absolutely believe in it. This product is beautiful. The texture is so nice on the skin and absorbs well leaving the skin looking plump and hydrated. The smell is nice, but not overpowering. I would say floral with hints of Zaatar.I have been loving using it and highly recommend. The fact that it’s made by such a lovely and knowledgeable woman was my initial reason of buying it, but seeing the product I can vouch for that on its own too.
– Noor

★★★★★ Thank you, Dr. Sebaa! My skin feels nourished after using Dr. Sebaa’s Elixir facial oil serum. Truly a must have in my daily skin routine this season! Thank you, Dr. Sebaa! I love it and I am so happy I purchased this.
– Mariam H.

★★★★★ I’ve been using Elixir for about a week now. I do notice a boosted glow in my skin. I love it!
– Dania W.

★★★★★ This serum justifies its name. I bought ELIXIR on a whim one night, just before it was going to go out of season. I love how it is available for a limited time, almost like any other gift from Earth. It quickly became a part of my nighttime ritual. I only need a drop or two to massage my whole face. The smell is so earthy and grounding, I absolutely love it. The results I have seen have been amazing so far - clear, radiant, glowing, and happy skin. I have been consistently using this serum for over two weeks and can't wait to see the long-term effects. I don't feel the need to use any other product with this. Thank you for creating this botanical miracle. On a side note, as I massage it on my face, I feel so connected to myself and I'm brought back to the present moment as if I'm meditating which is so therapeutic!
– Mehvish

★★★★★ Radiant review - I recently got your winter serum and I absolutely love it, mashallah! Someone else had mentioned experiencing a spa-like vibe upon wearing it and I can completely relate to that!!My skin feels radiant and supple with each application. I’ve purchased expensive brand name serums before, but with yours, I feel it evenly distributes itself without needing to add so much. I also love the light and comforting smell. I don’t really wear perfume because I get headaches, so the scent of the serum is such a pleasant addition to my morning ritual.Thank you for creating such a great product, mashallah. I’m looking forward to the summer serum as well, inshallah!
– Nour Z.

★★★★★ Smells amazing and reduced pore size. I had been waiting all year to get the opportunity to buy this Elixir and it was well worth the wait. I have been following Dr Sebaa for the last two years or so and she is so knowledgeable, well-rounded, and sincere in the way she shares holistic information. I knew I’d treat myself and buy this Elixir because I trust the good intentions and ingredients. I’ve been using the serum twice daily, about one pump at night and half or a full pump in the morning. Many days I add a single drop of serum to a moisturizer and it really does give it a boost. In just two weeks my pores have already visibly decreased and my skin is less dry and taut, especially around my nose and cheeks. Plus it smells amazing, in a fresh herbal way. It’s scent is neither feminine or masculine, just naturally earthy and very pleasant. It also just feels really nice and luxurious once applied. I’m excited to see what positive changes come from using it all winter long and can’t wait to order the spring edition!
– Evonne

★★★★★ Amazing!!! I received my package last week and I was excited to open it. It smells amazing and a decadent part of my routine. I use one pump in the morning in my moisturizer and 2 pumps in the evening after cleanser and toner. It’s still early but I’m noticing a lightening of some dark spots and my skin feels soft to touch. I’ve also been diligent with cleansing twice at bedtime which is helping the elixir go on my skin well. Look forward to continued results!
– Sarah

★★★★★ Complete Beauty. Opening the package was a heartwarming experience, I felt Dr. Sebaa’s positive energy just as I watch her on IG and read her posts, it’s filled with beautiful details and the elixir is amazing. Congratulations and I can’t wait for the next product launch i’A♥
– Hala A.

★★★★★ I received my order last week in a beautiful package. I have been using the elixir everyday since I received it and love it! The elixir smells amazing!! It also does not leave my skin feeling oily. My skin is combined oily and dry but tends to be more dry. I apply 3 pumps of the elixir all over my face and neck. I'm also loving the sturdy glass bottle with the small cap to prevent it from collecting dirt around the pump of the bottle. I already dropped the bottle on the bathroom floor this morning and it didn't even crack, yay!
– Sara B.

★★★★★ Love and lasting moisture in a bottle - I’ve never put on a product on my skin before that felt like it was made with love. The subtle scents are amazing and when I apply it in the evening, I wake up with soft skin in the morning.
– Sarah I.

★★★★★ Skin and glowy - Well folks, there is a major problem with this product, your skin becomes so soft that you won’t be able to stop touching your face!
This product and every single detail associated with it has been given tremendous attention, and the excellence shows. I cannot wait to see the results with longer use. Thank you for such an incredible product!
– Wafa Q.


★★★★★ Heavenly! 🌿🦢
Firstly, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Sebaa for sharing her unique gift with the world, for formulating such elegant, meaningful, and well-designed products with so much care & love… each bottle & jar is filled with natural botanical beauty and ancient wisdom that comforts the skin, the mind, and the soul… Dr. Sebaa Skincare is truly beauty that heals, I haven’t seen such nourishing and elegantly designed products before, soothing formulas made with excellence, these delicate ingredients are what my skin has been craving all along and I didn’t know it until I started using BAUME… I look forward to using BAUME everyday as it feels like a luxurious treat to myself and for my skin… I can feel the love!!! Also the accompanying artwork in each package is so delightful and ethereal! I am in love with the illustrations! I have been using BAUME for a few weeks now and can already feel the difference; my skin is loving it! The formula smells absolutely incredible, the scent of the Damask Rose is heavenly and is my favorite fragrance! The consistency is just right - gliding so effortlessly and leaving my skin feeling hydrated from soaking up all the sweet nourishing goodness, BAUME embraces my skin comfortably and reflects itself back into the world in a lovely, radiant, and healthy glow. Simply divine! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for this ~ I wish I ordered more jars and can’t wait until the next launch of BAUME!!!! Loving and cherishing it with all my heart, masha’Allah! I know that BAUME is a beautiful & timeless masterpiece that I will forever adore and admire. Thank you, Dr. Sebaa! 🤍🌿🦢
– Mariam H.

★★★★★ Amazing product
leaves my skin feeling soft and moist all day. I usually apply it at night as a face mask. And it helped reduce my eczema inflammations. Love it 😍.
– Alaa Z.

★★★★★ Hydrating
I didn't realize just how smoothly this would go on and how nourishing it'd be for my skin. I'm quite satisfied and will continue to keep this as my moisturizer!
– B.M.



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